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People needing assistance


The airport's infirmary is located in the airport's Departure Area.
Tél : (33) 06 84 50 58 46


Passenger who need assistance to board or leave the plane, must inform the airline company when they buy their ticket.
The Bastia Poretta Airport ensures a service to help people needing assistance with the company; " Les Ambulances Morianaises ".
Their office is situated in the infirmary located in the airport's Departure Area.
Les Ambulances Morianaises : (33) 04 95 36 90 00
The Bastia Poretta airport has renforced its services for people needing assistance. It has weelchairs, an elevator enabling handicapped persons to go to the restroom and reserved parking places in front the Departure and Arrival areas witch garantee acces to all of the airport's facilities.
Before taking a plane; make a reservation with your airline company.

The airline companies offer free assistance to those passengers who need help getting from one place to another or in carrying out other airport formalities.
To take advantage of this free assistance, you must make your request when you reserve your flight.

When you make your reservation, mention the nature and degree of your handicap so that the company will be able to ensure your safety and comfort as it does for every passengers.
Specify the type of weelchair needed (manual or electric).
Give your travel agent the international code that correponds to the kind of help you will need according to an international classification :

  • WCH R : you can move slowly and go up stairs but need a weelchair for longer distance in the terminal.
  • WCH S : you canwalk a few steps from the airplane door to your seat but not more.
  • WCH C : you can not walk at all, you will be helped throughout the whole trip.

The Bastia Poretta airport has 7 parking lots.

The assistancecompany managed by your airline will help you from when you check in until you board the plane.

  • Standardized telephone booths in the departure area,
  • ATM in the Main Hall,
  • While waiting to board, you can have a drink, get something to eat or go shopping
  • An elevator is at your disposal to go to the restroom.

Please contact your airline company for further information.